Folk crafts and broad prospects
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                                                          Recently ended the fifth Kunming Pan-Asian International Folk Crafts Fair, folk crafts site turnover amounted to approximately 50 million yuan, more than 7000 million order contract amount, showing the the folk crafts market behind market potential. Popular attention in a Tibetan folk customs booth, tsampa box, Tibetan wooden bowls and other great Tibetan features crafts, the manufacture of these crafts enterprises last year the United States to participate in the Santa Fe Exposition, found the Tibetan style crafts recognized by many businesses . Today, their products are exported to countries such as India, Nepal, varieties tsampa box, Tibetan wooden bowls, Tibetan wine, tea, exports accounted for one-fifth of the annual output value of enterprises.
                                                          Can be seen from the fair, Chinese folk crafts, "go out" broad prospects, more and more folk crafts enterprises have begun to focus shift from domestic to international. However, due to the small scale of ethnic handicrafts industry, scattered, weak in strength, and even some still in the hands of the workshop stage. Therefore hinder the pace of the march to overseas. Yunnan crafts categories numerous many styles, but in addition to millions jade industry output, and the Heqing silverware, Jianshui purple Tao, an old tin and a few other industries output value of nearly 100 million yuan, the rest of the folk craft are small situation. "We want the cultural products and services in Yunnan ranks to participate in international economic cooperation and competition, and to play to their strengths, to expand the visibility and influence of culture in Yunnan." Said Huang Jun, director of the Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture.