2012 to lead the new trend of fashio
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                                                          Antique crafts and traditional craft to become the new hot spot for major gift show brings together both traditional Chinese elements or antique craft heritage, all the greatest advantage to the museum and museum practitioners and technical personnel.

                                                          From abroad, we can understand that the United States, Britain, France Museum Collection replica collaborative development, artistic and cultural goods, art era across time and space: the ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman, Modern Art, Painting, Category Jieyou more merchandise marketing global major will create a lot of money profits.

                                                          Taiwan almost every museum has operated the Heritage Complex imitation, Taiwan's National Palace Museum Lock brand licensing, marketing world heritage incarnation doll. Shanghai Museum, a cultural commodity 25 million in revenue a year, ten years since 1996, the Shanghai Museum has successfully developed the 1600 multi-cultural commodity, with annual sales climbed to 25 million yuan, far exceeding the ticket sales. In June 2009, artwork derivatives Store airborne World Financial Center ... be seen in conjunction with the Museum of resource development with Chinese characteristics, tourist souvenirs, will be the dark horse of the handicraft industry. Especially in 2008, the museums, memorial halls free development, a huge crowd lurking enormous opportunities