The Yiwu market snakes element craft
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International Trade City District soon Snake, snakes crafts Yiwu market sales into the white-hot. The snake-shaped crafts that can be used not only when the decorations placed in the office, hotel, home, home decorating, and beautification of life, and also when the collection is also suitable when the gift the gift of family and friends. Some people said, "snakes" twisting golden snake "flying pen away snakes also must buy back for next year. Various collectibles and crafts for the theme of "snakes" in the past in Yiwu market has good sales, 2013 is the Year of the Snake, was originally on the market for the sale of the popular crafts are also increasingly popular because of the arrival of the "snake" . "Modern Feng Shui, the grass snake gray line volts along thousands of miles, representatives pay harvested, everywhere buried a blessing.

Led to sluggish sales business households in four districts of the International Trade City, a while back because the weather is warm, swept away the haze, a number of business households in four districts on the market several new products vigorously developed knitted baseball cap, fashion hats, cartoon cap, bringing new business opportunities, sales volume did not fall to rise, the situation is very gratifying.

"From the Spring Festival, there are nearly two months, as long as the weather is a cold, shipping soon." Weather Forecast Issued cooling message the old passenger across the country have of operating thermal underwear in the four districts of the International Trade City, Mr. Wang said, phoned request back to a single. Yesterday, his total pick up of 5 pen phone orders and pen-site orders, the usual amount of one week. Therefore, he hoped that this cold air to stay for a few days. Sun also said the same operating warm socks, the previous the domestic high temperatures, production in the first half of inventories sold only 2/5. He had originally planned to keep inventory to the New Year, did not expect the cold air in a timely manner "rushed". He predicted that if the temperature does not immediately rebound, the warm items within the next month and a half is expected to usher in intensive training in procurement.