College students with discarded chop
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High school see in a magazine, very beautiful crafts to do with ice cream stick, interested in handmade chopsticks easy to collect, so vote for it as material from freshman to start, I have free will to makekinds of gadgets. the Wuchang Polytechnic business administration junior Li Wenfei yesterday said.

On the desk of his bedroom, filled with "Eiffel Tower", "Shenzhou spaceship", "China Pavilion", the big-ticket items of the Yangtze River Bridge, album frame, pen holder, cosmetic box practical handiwork. He introduced the production of the principal materials used, cleaning cafeteria used disposable chopsticks.

Online printing photographs of the works, it was learned a talented, she was amazing. On the display section of the quality of school success, his personal hand Exhibition being touted to stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm. At the end of last month, Li Wenfei investment of 8,000 yuan, the formation of the "Boyi Hand Workshop team, the sale of college students own handicrafts, monthly turnover has exceeded 5,000 yuan.