Gourd crafts listed two months worth
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Learned, gourd crafts market in June this year, the current origin sales only. According to the different varieties of gourd-shaped engraving themes, the unit price from 150-900 yuan / piece range.

     Located in The Hechuan the black Bronx Agricultural Ecological Park, have specialized in the production, sales gourd crafts enterprises. According to the person in charge of Mr. Zhao, gourd crafts since listing on demand, "one day to sell at least 50 to 60".

     It is reported that, in June of this year, gourd crafts just listed, the ordinary price of less than $ 100, who will sell good up to more than 200 yuan. But just two months after the listing, the price began soared: ordinary unit price raised to 150-200 $ 500-600 yuan, in the end, boutique prices rose to more than 900 yuan. Even so, preferences continue to increment.

     Gourd crafts, is picked fully ripe gourd, through to the flesh, washed, dried and complicated process, on its surface by carving or processing made ??into different styles of handicrafts. Usually a work completion time about a month or so.

     Gourd crafts selection of small gourds (that is, the proportion of up and down round more shapely), a large wine gourd (ie the next round especially large), swan gourd (gourd head like Swan morphology), Crane Home gourd (ie gourd neck curved, elongated) and other varieties. The small gourd varieties worth the highest, the market performance of the force is also the most powerful.