The trade surplus of $ 30 billion of
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Rough estimate taking into account external demand contraction and the slowing down of economic growth in China, the China International Economic and Exchange Center researcher Zhang Yongjun, to the end of the year, the monthly growth rate of China's exports may fall to 10% or even lower, while imports monthly growth may plummeted to the less than 5%, or even decline.

 Foreign trade system sources, cut the surplus, to promote the idea of ??the trade balance, although there is no dispute, but the specific policy path between ministries differences exist - whether it is through the introduction of the package, including lowering tariffs to promote port policy to cut the surplus, or down some of the goods the export tax rebate rate to promote the balance of trade?

Respondents who have pointed out that the U.S. debt crisis, the material decision-makers will not easily shot Yajian exports, because of concerns about a reduction in external demand and the internal austerity policy formation superimposed.  In fact, many labor-intensive products, including textiles and clothing, footwear industry, including exports in April before the U.S. debt crisis has showed significant decline.

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