The gift industry development direct
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Gift industry in China is a relatively new industry, with the development of the reform and opening up, the increasingly fierce competition between our domestic industry, each company in order to attract customers, to take a variety of promotional tools, and gifts between which played a significant role. Accompanied by the acceleration of the pace of the WTO, some foreign companies have entered the domestic market, it also brings a new marketing model and management model to promote domestic enterprises to accelerate the competition, the gift industry, there is the following characteristics:

A small company. Gift industry into the relatively low threshold, the cost is relatively high, with just a few people will be able to operate, so involved in the gift industry, small companies in particular.

2, most gift companies essentially doing trade. Most gift company based on customer demand by suppliers to provide users with products, a product is produced, it may take several times changed hands to reach the hands of the ultimate customer, increase the cost of the invisible.

3, the market competition is fierce. The gift industry, a lot of small companies, taken between the means of lower prices to win customers, resulting in a vicious cycle of low price, low quality, the gift industry, competition has become more fierce.

4, the gift industry is a very large variety of products. It is no exaggeration to say that almost all of the products are presented as a gift to. Large, small, high-grade and low-grade, and all aspects of the coverage is very wide. Professional, personality, unique customized gifts will become the gift industry development in the future in one direction.

5, product launch requires new, odd, fast. The gift is to give as gifts to give as gifts to be attractive, people have a sense of curiosity, so the product must have a unique update rate must be fast, you want to seize the market before competitors.

6, the industry is not operating specifications. As the gift industry have no formal industry norms introduced and there will be a lot of non-standard behavior of the industry, so in the course of the operation. In Shenzhen cottage-style enterprises abound, the market is fiercely competitive, you want to survive, they have inventive, unique competition seeks foothold. Companies not only survive, but also to grow and develop, and small businesses to go to specialized and unique path of development, form their own competitive advantage. In Shenzhen various gifts go hand in hand, if not their own unique development ideas and a group of dedicated partners in the industry it is difficult to have as big.