Gift packaging design kept an increa
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Gift packaging design commercial competition in modern society, good packaging design can improve the added value of the commodity, to stimulate consumer desire to buy, have a significant role in promotion, the ultimate goal is to influence consumer attitudes and behavior lead to adverse social,establish a commodity brand, the victory of the marketing strategy. Commodity in modern packaging design in the end rely on the product features or rely on packaging to bring real satisfaction, seems to have been somewhat confusing. Comparisons the value of the individual in society through commodity packaging, and by goods packaging grades to determine self standing in the eyes of others and pecking, packaging artificially "personification". The packaging added value toward alienation, even more and more away from the track of real life, there has been a lot of bells and whistles packaged goods expensive commodity packaging even likened to "afford a status symbol or symbols". The attractive packaging to meet consumer novelty, the United States needs, but can not meet the realistic psychological. People's values ??are distorted in this psychological support, to some extent, the gift wrap has become a hotbed of breeding corruption.