U.S. implementation of the wooden ha
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US-bound wooden handicrafts quarantine new bill has three characteristics. First, expand the scope of the quarantine treatment. The implementation of the new bill in the United States lifted the trade (such as Christmas trees, etc.) of greater than 1 cm in diameter with bark wooden handicrafts, but also applies to products made ??of natural wood, branches, rattan, bamboo poles and fence, these products covering almost all wood products in China's exports to the U.S., virtually expanded the scope of the requirements of China's wood products exports to the U.S. quarantine treatment. Improve export access threshold. Under the new bill, the manufacturers of wood products exports to the U.S. are required to establish and run including wooden handicrafts production, processing, pesticide handling, packaging, storage, product traceability, quality of content management system, and to ensure that pesticides process and product traceability management meets the wooden handicrafts exports to the U.S. requirements. The United States each year to carry out spot checks to verify the list recognized by both China and the United States enterprises, to ensure the correct implementation of the requirements of the U.S.. Third, is making new demands on the transport packaging. Under the new bill, each load of greater than 1 cm in diameter the wooden handicrafts transport packaging should have a recognizable product manufacturers labels. Label include product manufacturer's name or registration number and pesticide handling corporate name or registration number, and should be kept to be sold in the United States so far.

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